The Amorous Project, as its name implies, is a labour of passion guided by love, hedonism and the need for togetherness. It is made for all of us who are fascinated by the way food travels through time and changes from culture to culture, blending together different cultures and personal stories, to create a new narrative every time. During a challenging year, we have brought to life a concept which will allow us to socialise with our favourite people, over a curated culinary & mixology experience. Look a little deeper and you will notice the nuances that intersect the time-heritage of Old New York and the underlying warmth or the Mediterranean.
The Amorous Project is Athens’ hottest new entry, a place where you will experience a journey in time & find exactly what you need in an enchanting setting.

A warm atmosphere with wood and iron as dominant elements, heavy wall frames, chandeliers, columnar glasses, vintage-inspired cloth towels and authentic linen tablecloths, heavy bronzed cutlery, delicate porcelains and large candlesticks with tall white candles. The ideation and realization of the Amorous Project are anchored with Nice’N’Easy Group’s unique vision to create exceptional spaces to match exceptional cuisine. Blending a post-industrial aesthetic and meat packing vibe with warm and dark hues, the venue has a retro-vintage feel with a laid-back attitude. The interiors are conceived by the architectural office of George Panteloukas, following the instructions of actor & partner of the Nice n Easy Group, Manos Gavras, inspirer of the Amorous Project